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News from the Council Chamber – November 2019

Councillor Richard Douglas, chairman of the Parish Council has decided to stand down from the council due to health reasons and increasing work commitments. During the time he has been chairman he has acted with utter integrity and has put aside his day job to ensure the smooth transition from one council and parish clerk to a new council and parish clerk. For his hard work, tenacity and diligence and general niceness, we thank him.

The first job of the councillors at the full council meeting held on 5th November was to elect a new Chairman. Austin Fletcher the vice-chairman, was proposed, seconded and duly elected for the reminder of the 2019/20 municipal year.

The Clerk reported that the local “Speedwatch” group is currently not operating for lack of volunteers. You will have seen small groups of hi-vis-wearing people with clipboards and a hand-held speed gun around the village. Vehicles exceeding the speed limit are referred to the Police with the aim of educating drivers to reduce their speeds. In cases where education is blatantly ignored and evidence of repeat or excessive offences is collated (even across county borders), enforcement and prosecution follow. If you would like to volunteer to help keep our narrow country lanes safer, please contact the clerk (Tel: 01963 251268, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) who will pass your details on.

Village Hall car park
Users of the village hall will have noticed the new, improved car park surface. At the council meeting councillors considered 3 tenders for the final piece of the refurbishment – marking out of the spaces and final works. Subject to a final check the council will let the contract in the near future. Funds from the Canadian Solar installation paid for this work to be done.

Christmas Lights
Friday 29th November: The Christmas lights are switched on! For more information

General Election
Thursday 12th December 2019
The following candidates are standing in the Somerton & Frome constituency:
Adam Boyden             Liberal Democrat
Andrea Dexter            Green
Sean Dromgoole        Labour
David Warburton        Conservative

Register to vote:
The deadline for registering to vote in the forthcoming General Election is 11.59pm on Tuesday 26th November.
It takes about 5 minutes to register to vote. Have your say!

and finally.......Poo!!
Judging by how full the poo bins around the village get, the vast majority of dog owners are responsible and pick up poo when their dog answers a call of nature. But there are those that do not. Why is that? Too squeamish? Eyes on the mobile and not on the dog? Too posh to pick up? Permitting your dog to poo in a public space and not picking up is a criminal offence with a £1000 fine if convicted. Think about that. A criminal record that must be disclosed to all manner of organisations simply for not using a poo bag. Criminal records blight lives and this one is wholly avoidable. Please keep your eyes on your dog and pick up the poo!

News from the Council Chamber - September 2019

At the Full Council meeting on 3rd September, Members considered the Parish Council’s response to the South Somerset Local Plan 2016 – 2036 consultation. The Council’s response was first debated at the Planning Committee meeting on 20th August. The response from the Council is a compromise of many different opinions from within the Council. Residents are encouraged to make their own response to SSDC at SSDC Local Plan review

Read the Parish Council's response.

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