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News from the Council Chamber – February 2019

Our usual summary of items and issues discussed at the February Council meeting which may be of interest. This is of course in addition to the formal minutes which are posted on the Parish Council website.

Litter Pick

The Parish Council are keen to see the periodic litter pick in the village reinstated following some period of inactivity. It was resolved that this would be re-started, with the Parish Council taking the lead. Look out for notices about this on the community website. The Council are hopeful of a good turnout for this and it ties in with the Parish Council’s attempts to become a plastic free community in future.

Community Hub

The Parish Council continue to work with Redcliffe Homes, the Friends of Milborne Port Library and the History and Heritage group, to develop the concept of a community hub, to be built as part of the Redcliffe Homes development to the north of Wheathill Lane. It is hoped that when built, this will house the Milborne Port library. The library will move from its current home later this year into temporary facilities until the hub is built.

Footpath Diversion

diversionFollowing several years of work, the footpath around the memorial playing fields is to be diverted according to the map shown. This will provide a route around the memorial playing fields. The work to divert the footbath with attendant notices will begin shortly.

Speed Indicating Device (SID)

Following the withdrawal of a loan service of a SID from the District Council, the Parish Council have taken delivery of its own SID which will be rotated around the three main entrances to the village. A team from the Parish Council have been trained to deploy the device and we offer our thanks to the owners of Ven House who have provided the funds for this purchase. Note that the manual speedwatch programme remains in place.

Utilisation of funds from Canadian Solar

The deadline for submission of ideas for the utilisation of funds granted to the Parish Council is fast approaching (18th February). Concerns were expressed at the Council meeting that the required submission format was too onerous (see here). The council want to assure residents that if parts of submissions are limited in what they provide, it will not disqualify consideration by Council, and in any event, all submissions will need to be short.

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