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News from the Council Chamber – May 2019

There was a good turn-out among residents to vote for a new Parish council on May 2nd, with 5780 votes cast. Electors could vote for the thirteen people they wished to represent them on the Parish council.

The new Parish councillors are:

Richard Douglas – Chair,  Austin Fletcher – vice Chair 

Deborah Barsby, Tom Campbell, Tim Carty, Karen Gough, Josh Howes, Clive Laughton
Philip Lock, Lucy MacArthur, Elaine Stewart, Robert Tizzard, Ted Watts

The new Parish council met for the first time at the Annual meeting held on 14th May. Richard Douglas was voted in as Chair, and Austin Fletcher as vice-Chair. The new Council wishes to thank those members of the previous Council no longer in office for their efforts on behalf of the village. Topics which may be of particular interest are:

  • The new Parish councillors resolved to look at the Canadian Solar Grant applications made originally prior to making a final decision on the use of the funds for the most benefit to the village.
  • Austin Fletcher is leading an initiative to seek Plastic-free Accreditation for the village.
  • A group of residents has formed to support the Council in the development of a Neighbourhood Plan. This is a lengthy process which culminates in a local referendum to endorse the plan.

Currently, the Council Offices are being manned on a skeleton basis by volunteers and the normal opening times cannot be fully supported. Please bear with us. The next meeting of the full council will be held on Tuesday 4th June.

You are here: Home Parish Council News from the Council Chamber – May 2019