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The Clockspire opens this week

clockspire croppedThe article about the Clockspire in the September Milborne Port magazine was informative and peaked your correspondent’s interest to the extent that Mike Fisher and Charles, (Lord Allen of Kensington) agreed to talk to me further about the project.


Clockspire west MediumApart from the desire to bring the Medlycott centre back to life as a public space, Mike, a self-confessed foodie liked the idea of creating a restaurant. When asked about competition, he said he did not see it from that lens but as a venue to help develop the food culture in the local area.

Both have had personal involvement in developing the new venue in addition to the design work from Studio Indigo (Mike’s company.) Of course, Charles has a long history in the restaurant and catering business.

Mike commented that he likes to hold an open day for many of his developments. When in London he will have no more than a dozen or so visitors, so they were very pleased when the open day last year attracted over 150 people from the village.

Clockspire bar MediumTheir partners in the development are the Woodspeen restaurant and cookery school in Newbury and it is from there that the chef of the Clockspire, Luke Sutton has come. Other key staff are Massimiliano Mannella, the general manager (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and Thomas Gammella – restaurant manager.

The restaurant could not function of course with just the managers, and it will employ in total 30 full and part time staff, with between half and two thirds coming from the village.

The Clockspire is keen to create a high standard of food and service with training and development of its local staff to fulfil these roles being an important part of their operation.

The restaurant has 60 covers and will operate an à la carte menu in the evening with and additional table d’hôte and children’s menu at lunchtime. The west hall can be reserved for private dining and the bar will be open to non-diners.

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