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Parish Council Financial Information


Budget for 2018-19

The Parish Council budget for next financial year can be found here. This is funded from the precept on the District Council rates

Action Plan 2018-19

Action Plan 2018-19

Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2018

Notice of Public Rights
Local Council Accounts - A Summary of your Rights
Annual Return Governance and Accountability Return 2018 - Unaudited

Interim Report 2018 Return

The report above has not yet been fully audited and interim documents can be found below.

Notice of Inspection rights
Section 1/2 of the return
Auditors interim statement

Audit Reports

2013-14 Audit
2014-15 Audit
2015-16 Audit
2016-17 Audit

Parish Council Fees

Cemetery and Burial Fees 2018-19
Other Parish Council Fees 2018-19

Grants and Donations

Grants and Donations 2018-19

Community Grant Funding

Community Grant Application Form
Community Grants Policy

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